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Ein Hemed

Welcome to the official site of Ein Hemed Forest! one of Israel’s pearls of nature that entails the history of the State of Israel and the People of Israel.
The national park Ein Hemed is considered one of the most delightful nature spots in Israel, natural piece of land with spectacular pine trees and plane trees, brooks and springs, vast green lawns and the relics of a beautiful crusader building, all of the above tell in their innocence the exciting history of the land of Israel and the Jewish people. Amongst which YOU could get married. And what a joy that could be…. For your comfort, Ein Hemed Forest event’s garden is located between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. No need to enter a city or encounter traffic. Inside the grand 2.8 acre plot of land which is divided into
four levels an event of any type and size can be held. 


Important Information

• The event garden and its surrounding is accessible for the disabled.
• The event garden has the capacity and experience to host and plan an event in any size at any time desired.
• The event garden is clean and pest controlled throughout the year.
• The kitchen at Ein Hemed Forest is Strictly Kosher.
The fresh, pure mountain air of Jerusalem will leave you and your dear ones with an optimistic, calm breath throughout all the months of the year! Yes in the winter as well!
Call now at any time, we will answer in any language.


Outdoor Events in the nature

Ein Hemed Forest Event Garden is located at the national park Ein Hemed by the footsteps of the Jerusalem Mountains. At the Event Garden, high standarts privet, social and business events can be held. The concept is “An event in nature” that is special and one of a kind. If an Outdoor event sound right to you, you MUST visit us at Ein-hemed Forest.
Asides from the beauty and special attributes of the garden a lot of thought and consideration has been put in the planning and the designing of the location.

The garden and its surroundings are handicap accessible, and pest controlled all year round.

The fresh, pure mountain air of Jerusalem is suitable and ideal for morning and noon events, as well as summer and even winter events.

The kitchen is Strictly Kosher and we offer any kind of serving such as buffet etc’

If you have always dreamt of an Outdoor wedding or a other event in nature, wild and enchanting in Israel, you definitely invited to come and visit us.

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Photographers: Dima Vazinovitch,Matan Katzman, Oz Shechter, Shany Zidkiao, Amnon Horesh, Shalev Almog

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